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Welcome to the Jefferson County Homelessness Prevention & Rapid Re-Housing (HPRP)Web Site

HPRP ended nationwide on September 30, 2012.  Federal HPRP funds are no longer available.

Disclaimer: The information and pre-screening tool provided on this website is provided as general reference and information guide only. Final program eligibility must be determined by a participating agency. By continuing through the link below, the user agrees to accept full responsibility for final determination of possible eligibility or ineligibility regarding HPRP services.
What is HPRP?
HPRP is a program for the residents of Jefferson County, Alabama funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 through the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development to:
   •Help people avoid becoming homeless
   •Helping to find housing for people who have recently become homeless
Homelessness Prevention Financial Services may include:
   •Past due rent
   •Past due utilities
   •Rental assistance
Re-Housing services may include:
   •Security deposits
   •Utility deposits
   •Rental assistance
   •Housing search & placement assistance
Other services may include:
   •Legal assistance for those faced with evictions
   •Credit counseling
Basic HPRP requirements include, but are not limited to:
   •Living in Jefferson County, but not in the City limits of Birmingham, Bessemer, Hoover, County Line, Sumiton, West Jefferson, Argo, or Helena
   •Currently homeless or about to become homeless
   •Earn 50% or less of the median income for Jefferson County, Alabama
   •No other resources are available
   Note: These are basic requirements which alone do not guarantee service from Jefferson County HPRP.