Program Description

The Jefferson County Department of Storm Water Management is responsible for preventing pollution from entering the County’s municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4), thereby improving water quality in the waterways of Jefferson County. To maximize program efficiency, the Storm Water Management Department utilizes a broad approach which includes interdepartmental collaboration to ensure Jefferson County is meeting federal and state regulations in order to reduce the amount of stormwater pollution flowing into and through local rivers, creeks, lakes and streams.


The Storm Water Fee

The Phase 1 NPDES MS4 program is mandated by federal law but is not funded by the federal government. AL 95-775 was passed by the Alabama Legislature so that a fee can be collected to finance the storm water NPDES program. In Jefferson County, the program is financed through a fee that is assessed on property parcels. The storm water fee appears on the yearly property tax bill. In general, residential parcels that carry a homestead exemption are assessed $5.00 per year and all other parcels are assessed $15.00.

There are exceptions to paying this fee. in Unincorporated Jefferson County, the Legislative Act 1532 amended by the Stormwater Exemption 1576, exempts the landowners from paying this annual fee IF their parcels are designated by the Jefferson County Tax Assessor as the following:

  • Homestead exempted parcels for owners over age 65
  • Homestead exempted parcels for owners of any age who are blind or permanently and totally disabled

The following parcels can be exempt only if they are reflected as exempt or partially exempt from ad valorem taxes:

  • Schools
  • Churches(Sanctuary parcel only)
  • Cemeteries
  • Common elements of condominiums

NOTE: Changes in zoning or class of parcels will only be reflected in the following tax year, NOT the current year. Please contact the Jefferson County Tax Assessor for further information and guidelines pertaining to your situation.

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